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All Finnish universities are parties to the Flexible Study Right Agreement (JOO), which provides degree students in Finnish universities the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees.

Flexible studies are free of charge for students. The student must be enrolled and registered as an attending student in his/her home university to be eligible to apply for a flexible study right and to complete studies at another university in Finland.

Instructions on this page are for LUT´s students applying for a flexible study right in another Finnish university. For students from other universities wishing to study courses at LUT the instructions will be found on a separate eLUT page.

How to apply

LUT has application periods twice a year:

  • March 1-31 for studies beginning in the autumn term
  • September 1-30 for studies beginning in the spring term

Doctoral students:  Applications are processed throughout the year. If you apply outside the application periods above, please contact Sari Damstén-Puustinen at LUT Doctoral School ( for a statement required for your JOO-application at the target university.

Checking the JOO-procedure at the target university

Remember to check first the Flexible Study Right -application policy of the target university in question. Some universities use a printable application form, and they may also have different application procedures and dates. If the target university uses a printable application, you can submit it to: LUT University, PL 20, 53851 Lappeenranta or by email:

In all cases you must ask for a statement from your home university (LUT) before your application can be processed further at the target university in question.

Applying a for statement from LUT

First you need a favorable statement from your home university.  This means that the planned studies in another Finnish university can be included as part of your degree studies at LUT and that LUT will pay for the charges caused by the JOO study right procedure.

Degree programmes decide on giving statements. Regarding doctoral students, the decision is made by the coordinating supervisor of the doctoral student.  All applicants will be informed about the decision by email.

The link to the form for applying for a statement will be published here by the beginning of the application period.

Be prepared to include the following information:

  • A transcript of study records
  • If possible, please add the link to your transcript instead of an attachment. This is possible if you can use Finnish bank or mobile authentication. In this case, sign in to
    • go to “My Studyinfo”
    • choose “My completed studies”
    • "Proceed to studies (requires identification)"
    • Open your studies
    • Share your studies (“Jaa suoritustietoja") and copy the link ("Kopioi linkki") and add it to your application.
  • Alternatively, you can ask for a transcript from the Student Customer Service ( or you can print it out yourself out from Sisu student information system (My profile – Completed studies).
  • A link to a webpage, where the course descriptions for the courses you are applying the study right for can be found.

If your application is approved by LUT, it will be sent to the target university. Processing time for applications at LUT is approximately four weeks. 


Approval criteria for giving a statement

  • The application must be properly filled out and submitted on time. 
  • The application must be well-grounded, and the courses must be appropriate for the student’s LUT degree without equivalents in the LUT curriculum.
  • JOO studies must be included into the minimum extent of the degree (bachelor´s degree 180 cr and master´s degree 120 cr). Studies exceeding the degree extent can not be supported.
  • The university can approve a maximum of 20-25 ECTS credits of flexible study right courses per student.
  • In addition to the general approval criteria, degree programmes may have criteria of their own.

Duration of the flexible study right

The flexible study right can be approved for the maximum period of two years. The flexible study right will expire if you graduate from LUT during that time.

Credit transfer

You are responsible for providing the university with information on completed flexible study right courses. Only after that can they be entered into your study records. For that please submit an official transcript on the completed courses to the Student Customer Service of LUT.

Doctoral students: Please submit an official transcript to LUT Doctoral School.

The result can be registered after you have made a study draft for the course in your personal study plan in Sisu and applied credits for them.

Contact details of coordinators