Registration to courses ongoing – Sign up for 3rd period courses!

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Registration to courses ongoing – Sign up for 3rd period courses!

Registration to courses has begun in Sisu on December 1st ending on January 9th at 23.59 for courses beginning on the 3rd period. Note that the best way to avoid problems is to do the registrations in good time before the deadline! During this curriculum year after each period course registration time there will be a lottery where eligible are those who have taken care of all their registrations (showing in Sisu as accepted) to the period at least two weeks before the deadline.

Students that have taken care of all their course registrations for the second period in good time (= by 26.12.) are eligible to take part in lottery for five pieces of 30 euro gift cards to Aalef shop.

After the registration period, you will need permission from the teacher to attend the course. You may not retake a course you have already passed.

A fee of 10 euros per course is charged for late registration. More information here

Some points to pay attention to:

  • quick guide to registrations in Sisu here
  • check that the course is included in your primary study plan and you have the latest version (year 2022-2023) of the course in the plan, instructions here (items 2-3)
  • note that the registration is completed only after you have clicked the register-bar in your study calendar. Choosing the implementation in the course brochure is not enough, instructions here (item 5)
  • read carefully the feedback Sisu gives you after registration. If the system rejects your registration you need to act as told in the message, instructions here and here. NOTE! Delete your former registration and redo it after acting according to the message.
  • in case you would like to register to master’s level courses but have not yet graduated from the bachelor’s level (only if studying both levels at LUT) read instructions here before registering to the course. Only master’s level students can complete master’s level studies.

If you have any problems, contact or in technical challenges with Sisu

Enjoy winter to the fullest. It only lasts half of the year!