VIBES Business Challenge at StartHub, Lahti Campus

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VIBES Business Challenge at StartHub, Lahti Campus

Interested in networking and brainstorming?

Join us at VIBES Business Challenge to StartHub, Lahti Campus (M19). Network and show your skills in challenges set by start-ups. Create solutions and receive feedback and support from experts. Entrepreneurs will be on hand to provide guidance and mentorship! 

What to expect?

3 companies, 3 challenges: A) Investor Seach Challenge, B) Business Model Challenge, C) Marketing Challenge

Great prizes to be drawn by the participants! Polar Sports Watch (1), AirPods (1), movie ticket sets for two (4), and more. 

Schedule for the day: 
11 AM - 12 PM Setting the challenges & creating teams 
12 PM - 3 PM Solving business challenges ( + lunch) 
3 PM - 5 PM Presenting the ideas and feedback from companies 
VIBES offers lunch and afternoon coffee! 

Who can participate?

University students from LUT and LAB are welcome to register. Number of participants is limited (30). We priorise to reach especially LUT and LAB international students. 

Register by Feb 16 at

VIBES Invitation

About VIBES - Virtual Business Skills Empowerment VIBES tackles two types of skills relevant for future employability in a digital era: The ability to work in virtual and multi-cultural teams. VIBES fosters entrepreneurial attitude, collaborative capabilities, networking opportunities and innovation and strategic skills to facilitate a more sustainable individual skillset more readily adaptable to emerging market opportunities. 

Contact us
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Henri Karppinen, or Niina Sallinen, niina.sallinen