Graduation ceremony for bachelor's degree students

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Graduation ceremony for bachelor's degree students

Graduation ceremonies for bachelor's degree students are held once a year in October or November.

You will be sent a personal invitation to the ceremony. You are warmly invited to celebrate your degree.

You have received your degree certificate before the ceremony, and therefore the event does not include the awarding of certificates. The ceremony is only intended for the students; you can mark the occasion with your friends and family on a date of your choice.

The event offers you an excellent opportunity to provide feedback on the programme in an informal discussion with the Vice Rector in charge your degree programme and degree programme representatives.

Programme for the ceremony

  • Speech by the Vice Rector
  • Rose ceremony
  • Toast
  • Greetings from the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK
  • Greetings from the Finnish Business School Graduates
  • Coffee
  • Informal socialising

 Dress code: The event is informal in nature and the dress code is ‘come as you are’.