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Before you can use any services in LUT university, you have to activate your LUT account.

Activation of a LUT account

LUT account is your personal account that you can use to log into different LUT or LAB services and software (e.g. course enrolments). LUT account has a username and a password. LUT account has also an email address.

Student IT Support Services will contact each new student via email whenever the student’s LUT account is ready to be activated. We will send the email message to your personal email address. The message contains detailed instructions for LUT account activation. Every student doesn’t receive the message at the same time and every student doesn’t receive the same instructions.

New staff members are also contacted whenever their LUT account is ready.

New Students (LUT)

Summer courser: If you start your studies in August/September 2022 at LUT University and you take some summer courses before autumn, we will contact you approximately one week after you have enrolled for the course.

LUT Summer School: If you participate in LUT Summer School, we will contact you at the latest on 17.6.2022.

Exchange students and degree students: If you start your studies in August/September 2022 at LUT University, we will contact you at the latest on 19.8.2022.

The schedule becomes more accurate later and the schedule might change. An up-to-date schedule is always updated on this page.

If you have not received instructions by the date mentioned above, please email the following information at and Student IT Support Services will contact you for further details about LUT account activation through the Signicat Identity Proofing service.

Use "New student" as the subject for your e-mail.

Given name:
Date of birth:
Personal email address (not LUT or LAB email):
Complete and accurate mobile phone number with the country code:

Please note that Student IT support Services may be busy (especially at the beginning of a new semester) and it may take several days before we can reply to you.

There are four options how a LUT account can be activated:

  1. LUT Account Service: If you have a Finnish ID number (personal identity code) and it is saved our register, you can activate your LUT account at the LUT Account Service ( Finnish network banking credentials or Finnish mobile ID is needed. We will send you more detailed instructions when your LUT account is ready to be activated.

  2. Signicat Identity Proofing Service: If you don’t have a Finnish ID number (personal identity code), then you must activate your LUT account through automated Signicat Identity Proofing Service online. A valid international passport is needed. We will send you more detailed instructions when your LUT account is ready to be activated.

  3. Video-based authentication: ONLY if you cannot use options 1 or 2, you can activate your LUT account through manual video-based authentication. More detailed instructions can be seen at the bottom of this page. We will let you know if and when it is time to use video-based authentication.

  4. Student IT Service Desk: You can pick up your LUT account from the Student IT Service Desk at the Lappeenranta or Lahti campus (see contact details and opening hours at Student IT Support Services & IT Service Desk -page). Take passport with you. At the Student IT Service Desk, identity can be verified also from a valid ID card of an EU/EEA country, Finnish residence permit or Finnish driving licence.

Once again, please be patient and wait until Student IT Support Services contacts you.

Manage your account

You can manage your LUT account at website by selecting Account Management. You can also select English as the page language.

In the account management sections you can:

  • view your account information and verify your email address.
  • change your password.
  • activate OTP application with your smartphone.

Change password

You can change your LUT account's password in website by selecting password renewal. You can also select English as the page language.

You have three ways to change your password.

  1. Change your password using your old password.
  2. Change your password using internet bank. Only finnish bank accounts is allowed!
  3. Change your password usin OTP (one-time-password) application with your smartphone.

It is recommended activate OTP application immediately after activating LUT account! You can change your password via application everytime and everywhere you want and no bank account required!

You will need to change your password every 190 days. After changing your password, you will need to log in again to the information systems you use with your LUT account and to your Eduroam network.


Password must meet these password requirements:

  • Password sentence is case sensitive
  • Must be at least 16 characters long
  • Must not include part of your name or user name
  • Must not include a common word or commonly used sequence of characters
  • Must have at least 3 types of the following characters:
  • Uppercase (A-Z)
  • Lowercase (a-z)
  • Number (0-9)
  • Symbol (!, #, $, etc.)
  • Other language characters not listed above
  • New password sentence may not have been used previously
  • Must not include these characters: Å Ä Ö å ä ö ; \ ‘ ” / < > ` | . _ € — /* */ ‘– // @ ‘
  • for example (don’t use! ) J@mes-OO7-Bond0nAg€ntti

Video-based authentication to get LUT account

This instruction applies only if you cannot activate your LUT account through the LUT account service ( or through the Signicat Identity Proofing Service or cannot visit the Student IT Service Desk to pick up your LUT account.

How to activate LUT user account using the video-based authentication?

Only if you have already tried multiple times the automated identity proofing in the Signicat Identity Proofing service, but it doesn't work for you, then you are allowed to make a reservation for the video-based authentication, where our staff manually checks your passport via video connection.

We will identify you using a video-based authentication. To do that, we will use Microsoft Teams software. First, you make an appointment, then you identify yourself for us through the video connection. Next, you wait some time and you will receive your LUT account information and finally you change the password and then your LUT account is completely activated.

You must follow these four steps to get your LUT account.

Step 1: Make an appointment

Book a time for an appointment to the video authentication. The appointment takes 15 minutes and you can make a reservation between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern European Time (=UTC+2. Note! In the summer Finland follows daylight saving time and we have Eastern European Summer Time, which is UTC +3 hours). The reservation needs to be made at least one hour beforehand.

You can make the reservation here:

Select date from the calendar view and then select time. You can select who from our staff will identify you or you can use the default option Anyone, which is recommended. Lastly, add your name (given name + surname), email address, phone number and date of birth.

Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of free times in the calendar. If you cannot find a suitable time, please contact .

You will receive an email confirmation after you have successfully made the reservation.

Step 2: Identify yourself

You can find a link to the Teams meeting in the email confirmation. Click the link and wait that we will allow you to join the meeting.

Before identification, make sure your audio and video connections work. Have your international passport and your mobile phone available. Also, check that the lighting is good, so we can identify you and that we can see your passport accurately. 15 minutes for one identification is a pretty tight schedule, so please be ready at the scheduled time.

If you don't have a valid international passport, we can verify your identity also from a valid Finnish residence permit, Finnish driving licence or ID card of an EU/EEA country.

Step 3: Wait for the password, username and email address

After a successful identification, we will give you your username, LUT email address and a temporary password within two working days. We will send your username and email address via email to you. We provide a temporary password via a text message (SMS) or via email.

Step 4: Change your password

After you have received the temporary password, change it as soon as possible.

You can find instructions on how to change the password above on this page.

After you have changed your password, your LUT account is completely activated and you can start using it.