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LUT uses an online software called LUT Mobility-Online. When going abroad on exchange or for an international internship, each LUT student must fill out an electronic form in LUT Mobility-Online.

Every time you apply to go abroad, you need to fill out another application form. Previously filled and cancelled applications will not be re-activated.

Also the incoming exchange students who wish to study in LUT will fill apply through the same software. For more information for incoming exchange students, click here! 


In order to access the LUT Mobility-Online system, you must have a valid application in the system. This means that first you need to fill an online application form to either go on exchange or international internship. After submitting your application form, you can login to the system.

Each application form has their own unique web address and links to the application forms can be found from the link list below. LUT students have to login to the online application form and later to LUT Mobility-Online by using their own LUT user ID via shibboleth identification. Link to LUT Mobility-Online can also be found from the link list at the end of this page.

Use Shibboleth authentication to log in, click on the HAKA logo. If you have password problems, please follow up the password change instructions at eLUT.


The application form for going on exchange is open only during application periods and will be published in the beginning of each application round.

There is no separate application period for going on internship so the application form is always available. Links to both of these application forms can be found from the link list. 

You are responsible for ensuring that your application has correct and up-to-date information! If you have problems updating the information, please contact the LUT International Services ( /


Via the Mobility-Online portal, you can get to know LUT's partner universities, student exchange opportunities and experiences written by previous students. 

At the top left corner of the portal you will find the different sites of the portal. The portal does not require a login and it is a good idea to check it out in advance when thinking about possible exchange destinations for yourself. 

Link to LUT Mobility-Online Portal (link will be published when the portal is updated)