Exam - Completing an electronic exam


Exam - Completing an electronic exam

When you have arrived at the exam room and found the correct computer, you can start the exam. Exam time starts to run from the start of the booked time. If you arrive before the booked time, you can log in the EXAM system and wait for the exam to start. It is not, however, recommended to enter the room more than five minutes too early as the previous exam taker may still be using your computer.

Act accordingly:

  1. You don’t have to log in to the computer. If there is no image, move the computer’s mouse to wake up the display. If the display does not wake up, check that the power is on by pressing the power button on the bottom-right corner of the display.
  2. Double click the ”1. Exam” icon at the desktop, select your organization and log in to the system with your user credentials.
    • HAKA login is used to log in to the EXAM system. You need to remember your username/email address and password when you start your exam in the EXAM space. Multi-Factor Authentication is not used on the EXAM computers, since you cannot bring any devices to the EXAM space.
    • If you log in on a wrong computer, the system will tell you which computer to move to.
  3. Exam starts automatically when the booked time starts.
  4. Read the instructions.
  5. Answer the questions in any order you like.
    • If the exam has multiple sections, you can navigate between sections with the left and right arrows on the bottom of the current section.You will also find the section topics on the right-hand side of the window.
  6. The system saves the data automatically once in a minute. You can save your data also by clicking the Save button.
  7. Submit your exam by clicking the ”Save and return the exam” link. Confirm by answering “yes”.
    • The system will thank you and log you out.
  8. Close the browser and log out of the computer.
    • Don’t shut down the computer or the display!
    • Log out will remove all the files you’ve saved in the computer (e:\working folder and desktop). Log out only if you are sure that you have handed the exam in.
  9. If you have to abort the exam, choose the ”Abort exam” link on the right-hand side ofthe window. Confirm the abortion, close the browser and log out from the computer.
    • Don’t shut down the computer or the display!

If your exam is prohibited or disturbed by technical or other problems act according to the instruction ”In case of a problem”. You will find the instruction in the exam room computers.