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Planning the dissertation process

When you start planning your dissertation process check the important dates, ie. Dissertation Committee and Academic Council meetings and deadlines (see Files below).

You can read more about the dissertation process from the Dissertation process booklet (see Files below), which is compiled by the LUT Doctoral School, LUT Academic Library and LUT University Press. 

You have to be enrolled as an attending student when you start the dissertation process as well as when you graduate. Enrolment is obligatory even if you do not take any courses during the academic year.

Enrolment is open during May-August, please see further information.

LUT University Dissertation Regulations

Study carefully the instructions concerning dissertations. The 2021 updated instructions elaborate the rule to write the dissertations in English. The reason to motivate the use of English is that the scientific results of our doctoral dissertations are aimed at the whole scientific society of the world. The use of Finnish language would limit the audience remarkably as well as the choice of preliminary examiners and opponents, and therefore it is recommended only in special circumstances.

Please note that before submitting the manuscript to the Dissertation Committee, the content and layout of the manuscript should be in its final form. This means for example that the language check by a professional or a native speaker must already be done. More information about the university's cooperation partners, please see LUT intranet (restricted access).

See the dissertation template (Word, LaTex) below in the Links section.

Final check of studies for graduation
  • The final check of studies is done at LUT Doctoral School when you start the dissertation process.
  • If you have completed all your studies even earlier, please get in touch with Study Programme Coordinator Sari Damstén-Puustinen (see contact information here).
  • If you have been assigned any supplementary studies (extra studies required), they have to be completed when you submit your manuscript to the Dissertation Committee.
  • All the studies to be included in the doctoral degree have to be completed before the permission to print is given by the Academic Council.
  • Make sure that also the personal study plan in Sisu is in order.
  • Note! From January 1, 2022 onwards the study attainments included in a doctoral degree may not date back more than seven years. If any of your studies have been taken in 2014 or earlier, see further information on extending the validity of studies on Planning your studies.
  • The manuscript of the dissertation must be checked with Turnitin (a web-based service for checking the originality of the text) early enough before starting the dissertation process.
  • You need to join the Moodle course Turnitin check for doctoral students YEAR. This course is available by self-enrolment.
  • Your supervisor is responsible for the interpretation of the originality report.
  • Further information and technical support for the Moodle course: opetushelp@lut.fi.