Individual study arrangements

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Individual study arrangements

What are the individual study arrangements?

Individual study arrangements can be provided in teaching or counselling, if necessary. Arrangements are customed according to each students’ personal needs. For instance, these study arrangements can be:

  • additional time for course assignments
  • receiving materials in advance
  • substituting the completion methods of the course

Individual study arrangements do not adjust the learning objectives of the degree or the course. These arrangements are provided to support a student’s learning, when needed. In order to get individual study arrangements, the student must have documented diagnosis (such as dyslexia or attention deficit disorder) or expert opinion.

Individual study arrangements for examinations

If you need the individual study arrangements during a course

If you wish to receive consultation regarding the need of individual study arrangements during courses:
contact LUT’s study psychologist ( The study psychologist may give you a recommendation for individual study arrangements.

After consultation, contact the teacher in charge as early as possible and make an agreement for the individual study arrangements. Teachers are in charge of the course learning objectives as well as any practical matters concerning them.

In other words, the agreement for study arrangements is done between the student and the teacher according to the documented expert opinion (for example study psychologist's recommendation). Documentation must be provided by the student.

If you need to use aid or assistance in your studies, you can make the needed arrangements. Please inform the teacher in the beginning of the course.