Student support and wellbeing

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Student support and wellbeing

At LUT university we want you to feel good and have energy for both studying and enjoying other areas of your life. That is why we offer a wide range of support services: you can get active with MOVEO, talk about small and big issues with the campus chaplains, get support for learning difficulties and discuss your own well-being and study methods with the study psychologists. The Finnish Student Healthcare Services (FSHS) and local health care centers help you with health issues.

Study ability means the student’s working ability and it is a super important thing. There are 4 main areas that affect your ability to study: personal resources, study skills, study environment and teaching. If you experience issues with any of these, feel free to contact us in the support and well-being services.

Where to get support? - LUT

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Study issues

Teachers: questions about courses
Study counsellors: study planning

Study psychologist: stress, motivation, procrastination, learning difficulties (only for degree students)

Well-being and hobbies

MOVEO Sport and Well-being Services

Hobbla-webpage hobbies in Lahti and Lappeenranta

Peer support


Mental and physical health: anxiety, depression, ADHD

Student Health Care Services (eLUT)

FSHS, Finnish Student Health Services (only for degree students)

Personal issues: grief, life crisis, relationship issues

Campus chaplains

Lahti crisis center tel. 03 877 660
Saimaa crisis center tel. 05 453 0020

Career questions

Career Services

Ohjaamo (under 30 yo)

Suicidal thoughts

Crisis telephone
p. 09 2525 0111

Acute crisis, suicidality

Lahti: Akuutti24 -emergency service
p. 116 117

Lappeenranta: Mental health emergency service 24/7
p. 05 352 4610

Harassment, violence

Harassment: Student Union LTKY's Harrasment contact persons

Violence: Local police