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The Customer Service Team offers guidance and assistance in practical matters related to studies, e.g.,

  • enrolment for the academic year
  • registration for courses and exams
  • study certificates (certificates of student status and certificates for travel discounts)
  • transcripts of student records
  • registration of completed courses
  • reinstatement of study rights and re-enrolment
  • reports of accidents
  • ethical guidelines for students
  • renouncement of the right to study

You can also get in touch with the Student Customer Service team if you do not know the right place to contact. We can direct you to the right place to help you with your question. Students of Kouvola campus can visit the customer service point at Lappeenranta.

Lappeenranta campus

Customer Service point, the university's 2nd building, 3rd floor, room 2313

Lahti campus

Customer Service point Mukkulankatu 19, Pop-up space A 111 (A wing, 1st floor).

Open on Wednesdays from 10 to 14.

In July open only with an appointment Wednesdays from 10 to 14.

Please find the exceptional opening hours from here.

Service channels


Phone service: +358 29 446 3040, +358 29 446 3041 and +358 50 313 3656.

Postal address: LUT / Student Services, PL 20, 53851 Lappeenranta.

Sending secure email to student services

If you do not have an LUT email address, you can send us a secure email if your attachments contain confidential or sensitive information.

The instructions for sending a secure email are here.

Secure Outlook email for users with an LUT email address

Users with an LUT email address can send messages with confidential or sensitive information as an encrypted email via the Outlook service.

The instructions for sending an encrypted email are here.

Electronic services

Sisu transcripts and certificates

Sisu is a student information/administration system, from which you can print an electronically signed transcript of your study records or study certificate. The system is easy to use! Documents are signed electronically so you can access the documents you require without the need to order them separately. You will find instructions here.

You can order an official transcript of study records, a study certificate or Kela’s meal subsidy card here. (link to the electronic form)

Student Services Secretaries
Markus Korhonen 
+358 29 446 3040
Away 24 June - 24 July
Milla Kuru
+358 29 446 3041
Away 4 - 29 July
Jenny Kuusela
+358 50 313 3656
Away 1 - 20 July


Head of Student Services

Minna Ranta