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Examinations 2022-2023

The exams have been divided into to two parts, paper exams and Moodle-exams with a fixed exam time. For both groups there are three different lists, exams by departments, daily scheduling, and updates to examination schedule.

In the lists below specific courses can be identified by their numerical codes. date/time stands for date and time of the exam

Today`s Exam rooms Lappeenranta

The Exam room list is not shown before the exam day.

LUT- Lappeenranta 
You can check the exam rooms from the electronic notice boards in the main lobby or in front of the Student Services (2313). The list is also found on paper on the bulletin board in the main hall, on the side of the staircases opposite Info-desk.

todays exam


Today`s Exam rooms Lahti



Paper Exam in Lappeenranta

Exams by Departments, Lappeenranta

Daily Scheduling in Lappeenranta

Changes in paper exams

Paper Exam in Lahti

Exams by Departments, Lahti

Daily Scheduling in Lahti

Changes in paper exams

Moodle Exam included in examination schedule

Exams by Departments

Daily Scheduling

Changes in Moodle

Paper Exam in Kouvola

Exams by Department

Daily Scheduling