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Make sure to sign up for courses on time. After the registration period, you will need permission from the teacher to attend the course. You may not retake a course you have already passed.

A fee of 10 euros per course is charged for late registration.

Registration for the courses arranged over the autumn term 2022 began on 1 August 2022 on the SISU service and on 1 December 2022 for the spring term.

The registration deadline for each teaching period:

for the 1st period, on Friday 2 September at 11.59 pm
for the 2nd period, on Monday 24 October at 11.59 pm
for the 3rd period, on Monday 9 January at 11.59 pm
for the 4th period, on Monday 6 March at 11.59 pm

For intensive courses, registration closes on the Monday of the previous week.

If you continue the course over another academic year or the course is cancelled/postponed, you must sign up for it again.

Contact opinto@lut.fi, if you have any questions related to registering for courses.

What to do if your registration via Sisu fails

Click on the headline below to open more instructions 

Your registration in Sisu was rejected because the course is not part of your primary study plan
  1. Check that the course is included in your primary study plan.
    You can define your primary study plan by clicking on the three dots in the top right-hand corner.
  1. Ensure that your PSP includes the 2022–2023 version of the course

    You can find instructions here (section 3). 
Your registration in Sisu was rejected because you do not belong to the course’s target group
  1. Ensure that you have confirmed your degree programme in your PSP.

    If the text ‘Study right must be confirmed separately’ is displayed below the degree programme/specialisation, confirm your study right.

    Instructions are available here (section Reject message). 

  2. If you already signed up, cancel the rejected registration, confirm your study right and register again.

NOTE! Target groups are updated daily at 5 pm and 5 am. Try registering again after the next update.