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Study psychologist

“I will help you succeed in your studies, feel good and have energy for other things too!” 

LUT study psychologists offer support and counseling for bachelor's and master's degree students on study-related issues. Study psychologists offer individual sessions, lectures and webinars. Students can book a session with study psychologists to discuss topics such as:

  • Finding motivation 
  • Thesis-related anxiety 
  • Coping with workload 
  • Difficulties with remote learning 
  • Coping with stress 
  • Stage fright 

Bookings and contact information

The booking for the study psychologists' appointments is closed for the Fall term 2022. We will open the booking calendar again in January 2023, so please contact us again then if you wish to have an appointment.

Please note that study psychologist is not a acute service and getting an appointment may require waiting. If you have acute situation/you need health care, you can find more suitable services listed here.

Customer feedback:

“Thank you so much for your time! After every session it felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Now I see that just talking to a professional can help a lot and I am really happy that I had the courage to contact you”

Milja Parviainen
Study psychologist
Aino Elomäki
Study psychologist

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