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“I will help you succeed in your studies, feel good and have energy for other things too!” 

LUT study psychologists offer support and counseling for bachelor's and master's degree students on study-related issues. Study psychologists offer individual sessions, lectures and webinars. Students can book a session with study psychologists to discuss topics such as:

  • Finding motivation 
  • Thesis-related anxiety 
  • Coping with workload 
  • Difficulties with remote learning 
  • Coping with stress 
  • Stage fright 

Bookings and contact information

“Thank you so much for your time! After every session it felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Now I see that just talking to a professional can help a lot and I am really happy that I had the courage to contact you” 

Customer feedback 

Booking is open until Wednesday 15th of June. After the summer break we will open the bookings again in August. 

If you want to book an appointment, you can contact the study psychologist via e-mail or phone. Please tell us a little bit about your situation in the e-mail.

At the moment all the sessions are remote via Microsoft Teams, Skype or phone. Appointments are 45 minutes. 

Please note that study psychologist is not a acute service and getting an appointment may require waiting. If you have acute situation/you need health care, you can find more suitable services listed here.

Milja Parviainen
Study psychologist
Aino Elomäki
Study psychologist

Frequently asked questions

I have never talked to a psychologist before. What happens at the study psychologist appointments?

No worries – this is a good place to start with your study-related issues. All appointments are a bit different and if you have wishes, we are happy to hear them. You don’t have to prepare for the appointment, just come as you are and we will talk together.

Usually we start by going through your situation and what brought you to the study psychologist. Then we check the things you have already tried to solve the situation and figure out new ways to look at it or maybe new ways to cope with the situation. If needed, we can meet up later to check how things are proceeding.

How often can you meet up with the study psychologist?

Study psychologist is a low-threshold service which means that you can come and chat with us even with smaller issues. The number of meetings depends on the situation: sometimes it is one appointment, sometimes two or three, sometimes more. Normally there are longer times between the meeting, typically 3-4 weeks so that the student has the time to try out new things between the sessions. If you need more support, you can have a different support contact such as FSHS/therapy/health care.

I have trouble focusing and I think it might be ADHD. Can I get tested?

If you wish to be tested/diagnosed, you can contact FSHS/other health care providers, since all health care related evaluations are made there. If you would like to talk about your focusing (/attention problems) and find new ways to try to improve it, feel free to can contact study psychologist. No evaluations/referrals will be done by a study psychologist

I am really anxious and this has been going on for a longer while. How do I get support?

It is great that you have noticed the situations and are willing to look for support – you don’t have to carry on your own. If anxiety has been there for a while or it is really disturbing, a health care contact is necessary. You can get that from FSHS by contacting them and telling a bit about your situation so that you are taken in for an evaluation and get right kind of support.

If anxiety is new to you or only appears in study-related situations, you can also contact study psychologist.

I cant stick to study plans and tend to procrastinate so that I don’t get thing done until, last minute. Starting to study feels really hard.

This issue is surprisingly common and there are ways and tricks to try. Often starting with very small steps is effective: instead of planning to study the whole day you can just promise yourself to open the laptop and do something uni-related for 30 minutes. Then take a break and pat yourself on the back – you have done something that takes you further with your studies! This may feel small but doing a little helps you more than doing nothing. You can proceed by adding a little bit more time every day.

You can try pomodoro technique for starting. Here is a video of pomodoro-technique explained in two minutes, link to video

10 Scientifically proven tips for beating procrastination, link to video 

You can contact us and come talk about new ways to try to solve the situation and make starting easier.

I have been diagnosed with dyslexia/ADHD etc and I need extra time for exams. How do I get this?

If you have diagnosis, you can contact . They can give you needed arrangements for exams. If you need to have individual arrangements for courses, you can contact study psychologists.

I have fallen behind in the courses/thesis and this is causing anxiety. I don’t know how I can get back to studying.

It is really good that you have acknowledged the situation and are willing to make changes. First step would be contacting your thesis supervisor/tutor teacher and set up a meeting, so you can make a new plan together: where you are now, what would be the next step for you, how to get to the next part, should you make changes in your study plan...

If you feel like you would like to talk to someone after completing this step, you can always contact study psychologist to talk about your feelings or a new plan etc.