Fresher’s Guide

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Fresher’s Guide

First, welcome to LUT University! You have made the decision to join us, and we are sure you have many questions before you even start your studies at LUT. Hopefully most of your questions are answered here.

Guidelines for starting your studies can be found from Starting studies -page. This guide consists of other useful information to ensure a smooth start for your study path with us.

Greetings from Student Union LTKY

Check out greetings from the chair of the board of Student Union LTKY, here.

First days

Your studies in LUT will start with orientation. Photo of orientation

After the orientation week there will be the fresher week, the first week of the academic year. Student Union LTKY organizes a variety of social activities during the week. Orientation week and Fresher week combined are called Fresher weeks. 

Your tutor will support you with starting your studies. Your tutor will be in touch with you latest one week before the orientation. 

Questions regarding arrival at LUT can be sent to (Lappeenranta) or (Lahti). In case you have questions regarding the orientation or tutoring, please contact our First Year Experience Team.

LUT CampusesLUT Campuses

You can find information about restaurants, cafes, electronic key card, safety and reservation of facilities etc. by clicking the city names below.

Information about study accessibility can be found here

Lappeenranta Campus

Lahti Campus

Kouvola and Turku Regional units (coming soon)

Studies at LUT

Information about practicalities of studying, such as planning your studies, exams, work internships, exchange studies and individual arrangements can be found from Completing studies -page. 


Guidance and support

LUT University offers a wide range of support and guidance services for you. Study guidance and support -page you can find more information on these services.

Study ability plays an important role in student life. To help you maintain it, we offer support to taking good care of it. You can read more from here.


According to academic tradition lectures start at 15 past, unless informed otherwise. Thus, the first lecture starts at 8.15am. 

  • Be on time. This is necessary to ensure fluency of lectures and to let your classmates to study in peace. 
  • Lectures exist for student’s sake. Although majority of lectures are not mandatory in university, it is necessary to learn and understand the topic to be able to pass the course. 
  • Return assignments latest by deadlines. Assignments returned late might not be graded.  
  • Plagiarism, cheating or copying the work from others is strictly forbidden. Misconduct will be punished.  

Lectures at CampusLectures

Please, let fellow students and the teaching staff listen and work in peace. Chatting with friends can be done outside of the lecture hall and magazines can be read in a library or a coffee house. Keep your phone in silent during the lectures. 

Online Lectures

Online lectures are held via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Echo360, which either streams or provides a recording of the lecture. Lectures might or might not be recorded. This may vary between courses.



Sports and taking care of your own wellbeing is part of every student’s life along studies. In both Lahti and Lappeenranta, we have MOVEO sport and wellbeing services. MOVEO provides sports facilities, services, and experiences for LUT and LAB students.

You can read more about other hobby possibilities from here

Many different hobby and leisure associations work with the student union for the wellbeing of the students. 

Useful sources of information for a student

Student Union of LUT University - LTKY

Student union is an advocacy organization for all students of LUT. According to the Finnish university law (yliopistolaki) each university must have their own student union. The task of the student union is to oversee and promote student rights, the fluency of studies and the status of students in the society.

The student union has also gathered information for the newcomers on their website, including the program of the fresher weeks. You can check the information here


Guilds of LUT

Guilds are independent, registered associations and each study program in LUT has their own guild, except in Lahti where there is one guild for all international students. Guilds advance the interests of the students in their study program and organize events and free-time activities.


Fresher Booklets from Guilds

Enklaavi ry Master Freshmen Kyylef

Kaplaaki ry IS-Laaki

Pelletti ry  Pelehti International


Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK

TEK is the labor union for graduate engineers, architects, and other university degrees in the field of technology.


The Finnish Business School Graduates - Ekonomit

The Finnish Business School Graduates is a central organization for graduates and students in economics and business administration.


Erasmus Student Network ESN

Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit international student organisation. Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN organizes events only in Lappeenranta for now.


Teekkari and Kylteri cultureTeekkari and Kylteri

Student culture includes things like overalls, teekkari caps, sitz parties and lots of other things! About the student culture at LUT you can read here, but the best way to learn about it is to go to events and experience it first-hand.

In LUT technology students (teekkari) and business students (kylteri) have enjoyed their life at the same campus from when the university was first established. Both technology and business students are a part of our shared culture and unique team spirit.

Photo: @Meerimaria Ketokulta

Meet a Local Friend/FamilyFriends

The programme brings together international students with Finnish students or local families. The aim is to help foreign students to learn more about the Finnish culture and everyday life. In return, international students give the host families a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Read more from here.

Living in Finland

Here is some basic information for newcomers about living in Finland:

Study Cities

You can find information of Lappeenranta and Lahti from here.