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Giving feedback allows students to have an impact on their education and tuition. Feedback helps LUT become even better – it allows us develop our degree programmes, modules, courses and learning environments.

Feedback is collected at various stages of studies, for example:

  • students’ experiences at the beginning of their studies and arrangements for them are surveyed with a freshman feedback survey and the quality of the courses is monitored with course feedback,
  • at the graduation stage, feedback is requested for all degrees, from a bachelor’s degree to doctorates,
  • after graduation, the graduates’ satisfaction with their education and their employment opportunities and career development are monitored with surveys.

Feedback is collected actively and systematically, but we also hope that students provide feedback directly to the person that it concerns to enable the initiation of the required measures without delay.

How does LUT utilise students’ feedback?

  • After students have given their course feedback, the teacher reads all the messages and offers a joint response. This response, which is made available to all the students on the course’s Moodle page, outlines the feedback given to the course and any measures that will be taken on the basis of it.

  • LUT’s student guilds are an important partner in the processing of feedback. They ensure that the feedback is taken into account by the degree programme.

  • For all LUT’s degree programmes, feedback is also handled at annual feedback workshops where areas for development are identified and measures are agreed on. Student representatives also participate in these workshops.

  • Feedback is discussed annually at the university management team’s meeting. This allows the university administration to consider matters brought up by students via various feedback channels in their decision-making. A presentation on feedback  is prepared for the meeting in collaboration with the LTKY student union.

  • Each year, the university also awards LUT’s best teachers selected on the basis of course feedback.