Study guidance and counseling

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Study guidance and counseling

For any questions related to your studies, you get personal guidance and counseling from the study counsellor and study advisor of your degree program. In questions of your professional development you will be guided by the teacher tutor of your degree program.

The careful planning and scheduling of your studies guarantee both the smooth start of studies and the progress of studies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help with your studies. 

Study counsellors and study advisors are located in the Student services, in room 2313. Contact information can be found below in the dive deeper sections.

Study counsellor

Study counsellor helps you in the following matters:

  • general study guidance and counseling
  • reviewing, counseling and general guidance regarding personal study plan (PSP)
  • credit transfer (inclusion or replacement) from previous studies or studies completed elsewhere
  • applications for the extension of your study right

See the contact information of your degree programme's study counsellor below.

Study advisor

Study advisor is a student at LUT University who helps you with practical matters related to your studies:

  • enrolments to courses
  • late enrolment 
  • examinations 
  • questions related to courses (e.g. scheduling your study plan) 

See the contact information of your degree programme's study advisor below.

Teacher tutor

A teacher tutor is a teacher in your degree program. And helps you with questions related to professional development and career planning. In most degree programs, first-year teacher tutoring is part of the introduction / oriention course. 

See the contact information of your degree programme's teacher tutors below.