Continuously open feedback and initiative channel

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Continuously open feedback and initiative channel

The university’s open feedback channel is available for all LUT students, link to feedback channel. You can use it to offer feedback or development proposals on any matters related to the university. Quality System Manager Annikka Nurkka reads the messages regularly and ensures that the feedback and proposals are processed by the right party. 

Rules of the feedback and initiative channel

  • use the feedback form to tell us about any areas for improvement you have identified or to give us feedback on the university's activities so that we can address them and improve them.
  • feedback providers are always asked to provide their contact details so that feedback and initiatives can be dealt with in the best possible way.
  • personal data is kept confidential and only those who manage this feedback channel (Quality System Manager Annikka Nurkka, Coordinator Tanja Matikainen) and people who are requested to make additional investigations will be able to know the identity of the notifier, if necessary.
  • data protection issues related to the channel are described in the Data Protection Notice.

Feedback and responces

Since the introduction of eLUT, users have given feedback on it

You will find the feedback received and the responses provided (on the original language of the message) from here.