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A doctoral degree requires approximately four years and a licentiate degree two years of full-time studies. In addition to doctoral studies (min. 40 ECTS cr), a doctoral degree also includes writing a dissertation that is defended publicly in a public examination. There are no tuition fees for doctoral education.

The university aims at admitting skilled, motivated students who have the aptitude for a career in research and other demanding expert tasks, who are committed to their doctoral studies and research and who have sufficient skills in research.

In addition to the educational background of an applicant, also the availability of supervision and/or financial resources and the suitability of the expertise of supervisors available have an impact on the selection of doctoral students. Please see Application Processes of Doctoral Programmes.

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Degrees and research fields

LUT University offers a possibility to complete the following postgraduate degrees:

  • Licentiate of Science (Technology) - Doctor of Science (Technology)
  • Licentiate of Science (Economics and Business Administration) - Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral education is offered in the following research fields:

  • Energy Engineering, Energy Market and Solar Economy, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainability Science (Doctoral Programme in Energy Systems)
  • Computational Science, Green Chemical Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management, Software Engineering, Technical Physics (Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science)
  • Economics and Business Administration (Doctoral Programme in Business and Management)

LUT University also has double doctoral degree and cotutelle agreements with its partner universities abroad. For additional information on international cooperation and agreements please see LUT intranet (restricted access).

Planning doctoral studies at LUT University?

LUT University graduates and those with an existing connection to LUT

  • If you are planning to start doctoral studies, please contact a potential supervisor in your field of interest in order to settle the basic issues (for example supervision and funding).
  • After the supervisory resources and the eligibility to apply have been confirmed, you can submit the application to LUT Doctoral School for processing it further.

 No existing connection to LUT University

  • Please fill in the Expression of Interest-form.
  • The form is used for getting necessary information for example on educational background, funding and research interests of potential candidates. On the basis of that information it is possible to check if suitable supervisory resources are available.
  • Submitted forms will be processed approximately twice per academic term.
  • LUT University will contact the senders after the initial assessment and checking supervisory resources has been done. Inquiries while the process is still ongoing will not be answered.
  • The form is meant for interested candidates who have their own funding available. For open funded positions (employment), please see LUT LUT website.
  • LUT University does not grant scholarships for doctoral studies.

Please note! The Expression of Interest-form is not an application for doctoral studies.

LUT Doctoral School and doctoral programmes

All doctoral students of the university belong to LUT Doctoral School (LUT DS), which coordinates doctoral education at LUT University. Doctoral programmes operationg in schools are responsible for education and supervision. The study affairs team of LUT DS gives advice for all doctoral students and applicants on study administrative issues from application to graduation.

Doctoral Programme in Energy Systems - person in charge Professor Juha Pyrhönen (deputy: Professor Heikki Handroos)

Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science - person in charge Professor Bernardo Barbiellini (deputy: Professor Janne Huiskonen)

Doctoral Programme in Business and Management - person in charge Professor Paavo Ritala (deputy: Professor Tanja Leppäaho)

The doctoral progammes of LUT DS are introduced in more detail on the university web pages.

LUT Doctoral School principles (see Files) include guidelines for Doctoral School and for doctoral education in general. The following issues are covered:

  • Admission procedure and criteria
  • Supervision
  • Monitoring and support of studies
  • Responsible conduct of research
  • Feedback
  • Quality management
EDUFI Fellowship for doctoral students from Ukraine

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) awards scholarships for doctoral students from Ukraine for a 12-month scholarship period at a Finnish university to continue their academic work in Finland. The scholarship can be granted to:

  • doctoral students, who have fled Ukraine due to the Russian attack to Ukraine after 24 February 2022 and who have a host university in Finland (incl. both Ukrainian citizens and international students who cannot return to their home country)
  • Ukrainian doctoral students already in Finland.

The scholarships will be awarded for estimated 20 doctoral students nationwide. During the scholarship period at a Finnish host university, doctoral studies can be completed to either Finland or Ukraine.

Please note that the scholarship holder cannot receive another full scholarship nor salary with an EDUFI grant. The funding is applied for by a Finnish host university. Read more here.

Studying in Finland

Study in Finland -portal is targeted at international students interested in the opportunities Finland offers in higher education. It also includes general information for example on scholarships and living in Finland.