Short study periods abroad

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Short study periods abroad

LUT only grants scholarships for student exchange of over three months abroad, and you can apply for them in February and September. However, you can also study abroad for shorter periods at your own expense, such as in summer schools of different universities. Their durations may vary, but they usually take a month.

You can take part in a summer school at any university – you are not limited to LUT’s partner universities. However, LUT’s partners may offer a discount to LUT students; you can ask about it directly from the university in question. Every university has its own selection processes and application periods. You can find all of the information on the university’s own website. In other words, LUT is not involved in the application process. Nevertheless, you should reach out to your student advisor before you go abroad to discuss in which part of your degree the studies abroad could be included.

This page presents examples of summer schools arranged by our partner universities.

Partner universities