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Publication of the master’s thesis

Master’s theses are published in electronic format.

Students must submit their thesis to the Turnitin plagiarism check before sending it to be reviewed. Further information is available in Moodle, course CS90A0060 Master’s thesis Industrial Engineering and Management.

Students must submit the evaluated master’s thesis to LUTPub, the university’s electronic thesis archive. The library sends you the URN address for your thesis, which you must write on the 1B form (you can download the form here).

After completing your master’s thesis, the next step for you is graduation; instructions are available below (links to graduation and degree certificates).

Further information:

Maturity test

Students must take a maturity test to demonstrate their knowledge of the field of their thesis work. The thesis abstract serves as the maturity test.

If you must demonstrate your proficiency in Finnish or Swedish as part of your master’s degree, your thesis abstract serves as the maturity test similarly to the maturity test for a bachelor’s degree and the procedure is the same as for the bachelor’s degree.

Ask your supervisor if you are not certain whether your master’s thesis abstract must be subjected to language evaluation.

Further information on the maturity test

Assessment of the master’s thesis

Master’s theses are evaluated once a month.

You must send an application and attachments for the assessment of your master’s thesis to the student services secretaries by email at at in accordance with the schedule for graduating.

Application for the assessment of the master’s thesis (form 1B) and attachments (download a PDF form here)

Master's Thesis Electronic assessment and publication (download a PDF form here)

Statement and proposed grade

The examiners provide a statement on the master’s thesis and propose a grade. In the degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, master’s theses are evaluated as follows:

  • Definition of the research problem, setting of goals and limits
  • Utilisation of existing research data
  • Research methods, procedures and material
  • Systematic and conscientious realisation of the project
  • Logicality and feasibility of the interpretation of the results and conclusions
  • Validity of the results
  • Reliability, presentation and language of the report

When necessary, the examiners may also use other criteria, which are recorded in the statement.

Scale of grades

  • Excellent (5)
  • Very good (4)
  • Good (3)
  • Satisfactory (2)
  • Sufficient (1)
  • Failed (0)

Verbal assessments changed on 1 August 2019. For theses submitted for evaluation before this date, the verbal assessments were: laudable/commendable (5), very good (4), good (3), very satisfactory (2), satisfactory (1).

Students are sent a copy of the statement by email immediately after the assessment.

English statement template for master’s theses, as of 1 August 2019 (PDF, examiners fill in)

Finnish statement template for master’s theses , as of 1 August 2019 (PDF, examiners fill in)